Mum & Baby Nordic Walking Classes


Mummy workout

Mum & baby enjoying the benefits of Nordic walking


If you have just had a baby, or in the early stages of pregnancy, then this Pre-Post-natal course is for you. Going through a pregnancy brings on the added frustration of reduced fitness & exercise. Using baby slings or baby carriers, this will enable you to take part in Nordic Walking giving you the confidence to train and help you regain your fitness at a steady and manageable pace. We achieve this by using the lightweight Nordic Walking poles giving you stability while you walk. Learning the technique will help you to strengthen & tone abdominals, legs and arms.. helping you back on track with your fitness, and maintain some form of fitness & mental strength during pregnancy.

I would advise that you first practice using the slings and carries before attending the course. If you are not sure, or have any concerns, then please check with your GP or midwife. You can ask these questions during your 6 week post-natal check. With a cesarean, it is recommended that you wait 8/10 weeks post OP, but again do check with your GP or midwife. The courses are held on Tuesday & Thursday mornings 09:45. We also welcome expecting mothers allowing you to train almost full term, this again only after checking with your GP.

Updated: August 25, 2019 — 12:49 pm